Hospitality Professional

Learn more about what it takes to become a Hospitality Professional at our restaurant.  HosPro is a position that is vital to our business and gives you incredible opportunities to influence lives on a daily basis

What It Takes

HosPro starts at $14/hr

1. You must be at least 18 years old and work full time.

2. You can only have 16 hours or less per week that you would be unavailable to be scheduled.  You will have the opportunity to give your shift preference (mornings, afternoon, evenings), but you would be available to work outside of that preference.

3. You need to be available for a full shift on Saturdays.

4. While you will consistently work in the same area of the restaurant, you must be willing to be cross-trained and fill in gaps as needed.

Forms You Need to Fill Out

Intent to be HosPro

If you are interested in becoming a HosPro Team member please click on the button below to fill out your request form.

Availability Request

If your availability needs to change, please fill out this form before changing it in HotSchedules.

Intent to Leave HosPro

If you need to step away from being HosPro (either temporary or indefinitely) please fill out this form.

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