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Personal Growth

We get better as a team when each person is challenged, equipped and supported to reach their full potential.

Unwavering Integrity

We tell the truth, taking responsibility for our mistakes and failures, and we honor our commitments, even when it is difficult, expensive, or inconvenient.  We do the right thing, the right way, no matter what.

Consistent Quality

We serve food that guests crave, in a convenient and timely manner, in a safe and clean environment.


We believe everything gets better when we focus on what we can give instead of what we can get.


We seek to be elite in all we do.  We strive for perfection, but settle for excellence

Postive Culture

We create a culture of care by believing the best in each other and striving to be the best for each other. We believe we can do so much more together when we recognize the value of each contributor.

Meet the Team

Say hi to our team.  Our leaders are some of the best and work hard to make sure our restaurant is performing at the highest of levels.

Executive Lead - Saxony

Executive Lead - 37

VP of Enterprise Solutions

VP of Development

VP of Human Resources

Sam Hartman


After graduating from Taylor University, Sam started work in a corporate leadership training program for recent college grads who desired to become an Operator.  Working from the ground up, he was granted the opportunity to take over a restaurant in Columbus, OH and then relocated to Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis.  He served as the Operator there until 2015, when Saxony and I-69 opened.


Sam and his teams have won the prestigious Symbol of Success award given annually for sales growth by Chick-fil-A Inc. four times.  He has been a part of over 130 Grand Openings of restaurants around the country. In addition to growing his restaurant in Noblesville, he serves as the Operator Consultant for Chick-fil-A locations at IUPUI and Taylor University.  He also is a member of the Central Indiana Operator Executive Team and head of the Marketing Council.


Sam’s personal mission is to “help others get from here to there”.  He loves to see people on his team climb their mountains and knowing that, because of the opportunity they had at Chick-fil-A, they were able to improve their leadership, capacity, and work ethic to accomplish whatever comes next in their life.  He spends his time in the restaurant trying to challenge the team and individuals to grow and setting a vision for the business to allow for more challenges to always present themselves.


Sam has been married to Holly since 2001 and they have two teenage daughters, Taylor and AbyGail.  His favorite Chick-fil-A item is Grilled Nuggets with gobs of BBQ sauce.

Wholeheartedly Influence Others to Climb Mountains

Positive Culture



Consistent Quality

Unwavering Integrity

Personal Growth

Aiden Atkinson

Food Safety Specialist - Saxony

Julianna Barends

BOH Ops Manager - 37

Justin Bryant

Maintenance Specialist - 37

Tim Chan

FOH Operations Manager - Saxony

DaNae Durgan

FOH Training Manager - Saxony

Nick Katopodis

Inventory Specialist - 37

Emily Likens

BOH Operations Manager - Saxony

Finance Specialist - Saxony

Administrative Specialist - Saxony

Sam Baker

Director of BOH Operations - Saxony

Director of Training - Saxony

Elvira Johnston

Director of FOH Operations - 37

Bryce Jones

Director of BOH Operations - 37

Director of HR - 37

Director of Operations, Gainbridge Fieldhouse

Regional Director of Inventory and Food Cost

Morgan Rhyno

Regional Director of Marketing

Director of Business Systems - Saxony

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