Path to Leadership

One of the many ways we live out our Mission, to wholeheartedly influence others to climb mountains, is by growing and developing leaders.  At Saxony, we have many opportunities for our team members to take on more responsibilities while learning and developing the habits, characteristics and attitudes shared by successful leaders.

1. Team Member

Responsible for providing an excellent guest experience in relation to service, quality of food and cleanliness of restaurant.

2. Trainer

Assists Training Director in the hands-on training of new Trainees and on-going training of current team members.

3. Shift Leads

Responsible for the proper set up and functioning of their area of the restaurant; including the team, execution of standards, speed, quality of service/product and the physical space itself.

4. Manager/Specialist

Responsible for the supervision of either a team or a process.  Assists the Director to ensure specific areas and teams are functioning effectively and efficiently.

5. Director

Ownership of the area of business responsibility, as well as team and leaders. Collaborates with other directors to ensure a robust and healthy restaurant.

6. Executive Director

Complete ownership over a main field in the restaurant.  Is responsible for setting overarching goals and expectations along with policies and procedures.  Oversees a group of directors and other leaders.

7. Operator

Provides the vision and overall direction of the restaurant.  Is responsible for the overall care and support for the entire team.

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